About this blog…

I am a 26 year old adoptee from South Korea. Throughout the last few years I have been exploring adoption-related issues, including returning to South Korea and micro-managing my (adoptive) mother’s response to this.

Along the way I have met a few other international adoptees and found that I have a lot in common with them. Without these very valuable interactions I would have felt isolated as I don’t feel there is much available online by way of support and discussion. Most certainly, there is very little available in my home town.

I always wanted to write about my experiences so that anyone else going through the same issues could read about mine and hopefully feel some comfort in the fact that they weren’t the only person to ¬†experience them.

Then, this week I received correspondence from my birth mother, which apparently happens in an incredibly small number of cases. Once again, I felt very isolated and decided to post my thoughts.